Lu Laboratory receives funding from translational research grant program

Six Indiana University Bloomington researchers have received grants from a program that supports developing translational research projects; offered by the Johnson Center for Innovation and Translational Research. Dr. Hui-Chen Lu received $25,000 to develop “Preclinical studies to evaluate RNA-based therapeutic agents for reducing neurodegeneration,". The goal of the project is to identify biomarkers that assess the efficacy of agents in modulating neuroinflammatory responses. These agents could slow down neurodegenerative conditions like Alzheimer's disease.

Our latest publication found evidence that microRNAs might help with early detection of Alzheimer's disease

Our latest scientific paper published in Nature Scientific Reports has shown that microRNAs might work as biomarkers for Alzheimer's disease. Identifying biomarkers early in a disease is important for diagnosing the condition, and following its progression and response to treatment. Follow the link below to read the full article.

Recent Lu Laboratory Publication Reveals Protective Factors Against Neurodegeneration

In the most recent publication from the Lu Laboratory in Scientific Reports, various compounds were screened for their effect on NMNAT2 levels -- a protein we previously identified for its protective role in Alzheimer's disease. Graduate student Gillian Bradley and assistant faculty Dr. Yousuf Ali were the primary contributors to the project with Dr. Hui-Chen Lu.

Lu Laboratory featured on Reddit Science "Ask Me Anything"

On December, 7th, Dr. Hui-Chen Lu, Dr. Yousuf Ali, and Hunter Allen were featured on Reddit as a part of the /r/science "Ask Me Anything" series, where they answered questions from users around the world regarding their recently published work on NMNAT2 in PLoS Biology.

The entire Q&A session can be seen on Reddit and has also been archived permanently for citation at The Winnower (